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Welcome to my home (on the web)! Here I have collected some stuff that is relevant for understanding who I am.

Update 10. February 2014: I handed in my Ph.D. thesis on January 6 2014, it can be found under publications. At the moment I am looking for a new challenge to continue with after my defense on March 28.

Update 13. June 2013: Back from MIT, and finished up some old stuff. Take a look under publications, to see the submitted articles.

Update 15. October 2012: Two videos from our experiments: The first shows a "limping" drop. This is one of the type of walking that I will be characterising, experimentally at least, during my stay here. Another movie shows a walker with changing velocities as the oscillatory mode also switches.

Update 5. september 2012: I am currently at MIT in Boston, MA, USA, working with Prof. John Bush's group. We will be exploring the analogies between the fluid dynamical system of bouncing drops, and quantum mechanics (the video is not the best but it gives an idea of what is going on). I have no US phone number yet.

I just found another video, this time showing some phase-locking and walking of the drops.