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Here You will find stuff that is published and some notes that are not published.

Ph.D. thesis:
Drops on hydrophobic surfaces & vibrated fluid surfaces, submitted January 6 2014.

Williams, N., Wind-Willassen, Ø., Program, REU, Olufsen, M., Mehlsen, J., Ottesen, J., Patient Specific Modeling of Head-Up Tilt, Mathematical Medicine and Biology: A Journal of the IMA (in press 2013).

Øistein Wind-Willassen, Jan Molacek, Daniel M. Harris and John W. M. Bush., Exotic states of bouncing and walking droplets, Physics of Fluids 25 082002 (2013).

Øistein Wind-Willassen and Mads Peter Sørensen, A Finite-Element Method Model for Droplets on Hydrophobic Surfaces, submitted to EPJ E, 2013.

Other things:
A presentation on the bouncing drops held at the DTU mathematics colloquium.

A note on the influence of having a temperature-dependent surface tension when a resting drop is perturbed slightly.

A note on the derivation of the Young-Laplace differential equation that governs the formation of interfaces. There is also a note on contact angles for drops lying on surfaces.

Also, here is a poster which was presented at the EPFDC 2012 conference. It was made in inkscape, write me an email if You want the template for it.